Website Overhaul!

Website Overhaul!

Due to a glitch in my website template ("professionally" done) it turns out that some of the pages won't allow customers to go to the checkout. Strange template design, you might ask? Me, too!

Anyway, it's going to require me to redesign the site page by page (I'll avoid the "professionals" this time!). This may take a while (around 100 pages), however, all of the pages will remain on the web during the redesign, but some products won't go to checkout. So in the meantime, you can always email your order directly to me at, and pay by check, credit card or Paypal.

You can also check out my Etsy store where you will find basic things like supplies (books, hooks, linen, etc) as well as some of my beginner kits and hand-hooked rugs. Everything is on sale for 20% off on the Etsy site until December 31, 2022, just use the promo code SAVE20.

Thanks for all your patience! I'll let everyone know when the bells and whistles are appropriately ringing and tooting.

Happy Hooking everyone!

Judy Taylor

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