Stock Up on Rug Hooking Supplies!

Stock Up on Rug Hooking Supplies!

Save 20% on Rug Hooking Supplies for the month of April!

Now is a great time to try some of our specialty yarns for rug hooking. The perfect way to do that is to try a sampler of some of the yarns we do. These samplers include three colors, 1/2 oz each, so you can try hooking with them. Then, if you like, you can order custom-dyed yarn in your exact colors.

Rustic Rainbow: This lofty wool yarn is a joy to hook, but the joy will end soon since I can't get any more of this wool! It's a lovely natural light gray, which dyes up in a rainbow of antique colors. When it's gone, it's gone though, so why not try some while you can? 

Jacob's Pride: This is a medium gray yarn that I do up from my flock of Jacob Sheep. I blend it with some white wool so I can get more colors out of it. 

Ewenique Yarn: This yarn is really unique, no kidding (or should I have said, I kid ewe not?). It's a lustrous blend of Jacob wool with adult mohair, for a strong, durable yarn in a delightful array of possible colors.

Handspun Rug Hooking: It's nice to know that colors can be blended in spinning, so any color combination is possible. Plus, handspun yarns are a great way to get all of the possible natural colors; whites, creams, silver, medium gray, black, brown, etc. There's really no limit to the gorgeous natural colors and color blends. And natural colored wool never fades.

T-Shirt Strips: If you haven't tried hooking with T-shirts, you should! T-shirt rugs are tough and durable, and there's no limit to the colors and designs you can create. Plus, they're machine washable! Samplers are a great way to see if you like hooking with T-shirts.

Have you tried our famous Mushroom Rug Hook? It's the most comfortable hook I've ever tried. My fingers curl around the bulbous handle for effortless hooking.

Everybody needs linen backing right? Get some now while it's on sale! You can order it in half-yard pieces (36"x27") or full-yard (36"x54") or in a custom size.

No better time to try the DeLovely Rug Hooking Frame for 20% off this month. This frame has no nails to cut you or snag your wool. The work area is lifted up, so no bending your neck for hours at a time! It comes with two sets of legs, so you can use it as a lap frame or a standing frame. It comes with two sets of clamps for a firm grip on your backing.

Rug Hooking Totebag: Put all your sale goodies in this recycled cotton totebag, big enough to carry your frame and rug supplies all in one.

All-In-One Beginning Rug Hooking Class, Friday April 21 at the Shepherd's Extravaganza in Puyallup, WA. In this class, students will learn the techniques for hooking with yarn, T-shirt strips and wool fabric strips. The deadline to register is April 15, click here for the entry form to sign up!

I'll also have a booth at the Shepherd's Extravaganza, so if you're in the Puyallup area, stop by and say hi!

Happy Hooking Everyone!

Judy Taylor

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