Save That Rug! Has Gone Digital!

Save That Rug! Has Gone Digital!

I've been repairing hooked rugs for the past 30 years. I find that the skills involved are not too different from hooking rugs from scratch. There are different strategies you can employ, based on your experience and materials, but repairing old rugs can be straightforward. Let's face it, when you put a rug on the floor for several decades, stuff will happen to it! The great thing about hooked rugs is that they can almost always be fixed, and enjoyed for many decades to come.

The demand for rug repair is growing, as rugs made in the 20th century have been passed down and are showing signs of wear. I get a few requests every month, but my waiting list for repairs is over two years at this point! I've often heard rug hookers say that they could never sell their rugs, but how about making some cash and using your skills to save some of those old treasured rugs from previous generations?

Rose, 44"x72." Hooked by Jean Volland Sullivan, 1953. Wool strips on burlap, restored.

Having a book to share my repair techniques has been very helpful, but it's always bothered me how much it costs to ship paperback books, especially outside the US. Books like mine don't translate well to e-readers. The files are far too large to download to Kindle, and the devices are so small you could never make out the details in the pictures. So instead, I created PDF files of my repair book, so the layout and photos look exactly like they do in the print book, but you can read them on your computer.

Here's a sneak peek at the introduction.

So if you're someone who is looking for information on repairing old rugs and you don't need to have a book on your bookshelf, or if you live outside the US and want to avoid the crazy shipping fees, or you're just a person who wants to save money (and a tree!), the digital version might be perfect for you. It's $12.50 (half the cost of the print book) and no shipping! 

If this digital version is successful, I'll convert my other rug hooking books as well, to give people a choice. I also started a Facebook group Repairing Hooked Rugs, where you can share your repair projects, ask questions of the group, and meet rug owners looking for repair help.

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Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone!


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