Repairing Hooked Rugs

Repairing Hooked Rugs

I started a new Facebook group called "Repairing Hooked Rugs." This is a group for anyone who is interested in using their rug hooking skills to repair treasured rugs and preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

Lets face it, if you put a rug on the floor, stuff will happen to it! It will get stained, snagged, dog-chewed, cat-scratched, moth-eaten and worn on the edges.

These days, treasured heirloom rugs from the 20th century are showing those signs of wear. I'm hoping to encourage all rug hookers to stretch their skills and make some money restoring these precious rugs to their former glory.

The 10K Loops Showcase books are in and they look great! Read about all of the projects and stories, and get ready to enter next year. 

Block Party 23.5"x30" Designed by Judy Taylor, hooked by Len de Graaf

Len de Graaf of Whitby, Ontario had some fun hooking up his version of the Block Party design. This one is so versatile, it can be done up in any color scheme, or all the colors of the rainbow! If you'd like to try this fun design, you can find it here. As with all my designs, the pattern on linen comes with an estimate of how much yarn you'll need to hook the rug, but you'll also have a chance to add the yarn (or T-shirt strips) in your choice of colors at checkout.

Rabbit Rug, 31.5"x22.5" Finished rug on sale for 20% off!

Fall is here, the hay is in, and it's time to get hooking! Don't forget to check out what's on sale this month.

Happy Hooking Everyone!

Judy Taylor

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Hello, I have an old hooked rug that needs repair. I’m looking for someone to do it. Would you be interested in this? I can mail it to you. Not in a hurry. Can send pictures. Anne


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