New Book: Breaking the Boundaries

New Book: Breaking the Boundaries

I am delighted to announce that for the past six months, Rug Hooking Daily member Sharon Johnston and I have been collaborating on a new book, called Breaking the Boundaries, The Rug Hooking Artistry of Sharon Johnston.

Sharon has a unique approach to rug hooking, based on her experience as a painter, sketch artist, embroiderer, quilter and general fiber artist. She has developed a number of unique methods for creating 3-D effects such as:

Uneven edges

Reverse hooking



And wrapping.

Together we developed 5 projects for you to learn her signature techniques. You can pre-order the book now (release date April 1, 2021) for 20% off.

The deadline for the 10K Loops 2021 Contest is May 31, 2021, so plenty of time for you to create something new to share. Maybe you’ll try a new project based on some of Sharon’s techniques!

Just something around 2 sq. ft. and a story—anything you want to say about the project; something you learned while making it, why you made it, and any details you’d like to highlight. You must be a member of Rug Hooking Daily (free, online rug hooking community with over 10K members from all over the world), it only costs $10 to enter, and every entry will be included in our book. The top rugs will be chosen by the membership, 1st will receive $150, 2nd $90 and 3rd $60. For more info: Entry Form, Entry Fee. Questions? email

That's it for now. Happy Hooking Everyone!

Judy Taylor

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