Mist, Fog and Falling Leaves on Edeldal Farm

Mist, Fog and Falling Leaves on Edeldal Farm

I recently got this message from Kathleen Talkington of Greely, CO:

"Finally, finally, finally, I have finished the cover for my little re-purposed footstool. 

I appreciated your book for reference (note: she means T-Shirt Treasures!). Using the flower pattern I attempted to create a Pansy footstool cover."  


"A backstory on my t-shirt yarn. My original plan was to hook a Sunflower using the yellow t-shirt from my favorite uncle who passed away last year.  Unfortunately, I was only able to salvage a small amount of the yellow fabric you see in the design. Thus, a Sunflower became a Pansy. The light purple is from a tie-dye t-shirt I made with my Mom for an Alzheimer's Walk a couple of years ago.  My uncle was her brother.

This was my first foray into Rug Hooking. Thanks for your online encouragement and assistance. Now onto other projects!   ~Kathleen"

I can't tell you how much pleasure it gives me when people send me pictures of their projects! Send me yours and I'll share it with my corner of the world!

I had a great time at my rug hooking class last weekend in Port Angeles, WA. I have only one more class this year, this one is at Oregon Flock & Fiber in Albany, OR, Sunday, October 15, 1:30-4:30. The online registration for this class is closed, but people can still show up on the day to sign up!

This is an action-packed class, where students will try their hand at hooking with yarn, T-shirt strips, and wool fabric strips. Basically, they'll be able to go home and look at their stash and say, "Yup, I can hook with that!"

I'm continuing my 20% off sale from last month. Click here to see what's on sale!

Happy Hooking Everyone!


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