Hearts Rug and a lovely review of Save That Rug!

Hearts Rug and a lovely review of Save That Rug!

Here's a quick pattern that never gets old! No matter how you want to fill it in, it's a delight to hook! 

This month our Hearts Rug is 20% off for the pattern on linen, the custom kit (in your choice of colors, yarn or T-shirt strips), and even the hand hooked rug is on sale for 20% off (just in time for Valentines!).

When you come out with a book, it's rare to get feedback or reviews. We got a lovely review for the Save That Rug! A How-To Guide for Repairing Hooked Rugs from Deanna David at Ribbon Candy Hooking. "The Rosetta Stone for fixing rugs... an 'out of the park' book... most timely, up to date, thorough, intelligent and easy to absorb..." and lots of other nice things! Thank you Deanna for that Coffee Time chat on Facebook!

Don't forget to enter our 10K Loops Contest with Rug Hooking Daily. A small project, and a story... 1st place- $150, 2nd place- $90, 3rd place- $60, plus everyone will get published in a book! Click here for more information.

Happy Hooking Everyone!

Judy Taylor

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