Fun with T-shirts!

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Here's my latest commissioned rug, the family home with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop. I hooked it with T-shirt strips, so it will be super tough and durable, also machine washable!

Blue Ridge Mountain Home, 31"x17." Designed and hooked with T-shirt strips by Judy Taylor

I have been having so much fun experimenting with T-shirt strips lately, I thought I'd make that a theme in this month's web specials. Lots of kits, patterns, and linen for 20% off for the month of January. And of course, my book T-shirt Treasures is always 20% off!

There's just so much we can do with T-shirts. They come in every color, hue, shade, and texture in the rainbow and beyond, so you never have to dye colors. It's the most inexpensive option for rug hooking on a budget. And a great choice for people who are sensitive to wool. Not only are T-shirt rugs machine washable, but wool moths don't want anything to do with them!

Here's wishing you a healthy, happy, rug-filled year!

Judy Taylor
Little House Rugs

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