Free Holiday Patterns!

Free Holiday Patterns!

Thanks so much to all our customers this year! It's a crazy time, and rug hooking makes everything better!

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I have some easy, quick holiday patterns free for you to use! These are small, quick projects that you can personalize and finish in time for the holidays. Click on the links below for downloadable PDF's.

Sheep Ornaments/Magnets

I made this design for SpinOff Magazine a while back. You can make your sheep ornaments in any colors you like. The article includes a template you can copy to draw onto your backing, as well as assembly instructions to finish your ornaments. You can do ornaments for your tree or make them into refrigerator magnets so you can enjoy them all year long!

Jacob Ornaments/Magnets

This project is along the lines of the Sheep ornaments above, but of the iconic Jacob Sheep with its wonderful four horns. Again, you can make these up as ornaments for your tree or refrigerator magnets.

Peace Angel Mat

My Peace Angel Mat was 9.5"x17," but you can enlarge the drawing to any size you like! When hooking with yarn, figure around 4 oz of yarn per square foot of hooked area. 

Remember that you can save 25% on Gift Cards in denominations of $25, $50 and $100 for the rug hooker in your life! Just include the recipient's name in the comment section on the checkout page, and the credit will be there for them to use whenever they like!

Have a lovely, safe happy holiday!

Judy Taylor

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Thank you for the free Christmassy patterns.

Mary Hinchman

thank you for the patterns


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