Featured Rug of the Month, Sunset Calling

Featured Rug of the Month, Sunset Calling

This month's Featured Rug is by Susan Ferraro from Bailey Island, Maine. 

Sunset Calling, 31"x29"x1.5." Based on a photo by Bethany McNelly-Davis and hooked by Susan Ferraro.

"As an everyday tradition during the summer on the Island, Les walks out to the edge of his property and plays the conch at sunset. He faces west and is heard by all across the bay. Many answer his call by beeping their car horns or by tooting away with some sort of instrument.

Although Les’s daughter, Bethany took the photograph of him in color, I really wanted to try my hand at hooking it in shades of black and white. The design plan was to hook his portrait and background first, make a 3-D conch and add it to the piece and finally hook his hand separately and apply it onto the conch.

After drawing multiple pictures to make a final design, it’s time to get the wool yarn out and ready to dye. And so the process begins. I dyed about 23 shades of grey and hoped that I could incorporate them all into this piece. Everything was going well until I had to make the conch. It needed to be made as realistic as possible. It took a few very long days to needlefelt and embroider it. That was a rough road but I made it. Making the hand and applying it went quickly.

This piece is very special to me because it was the first time for successfully creating a black and white hooked piece and most importantly, it has a wonderful story."

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Happy Hooking Everyone!

Judy Taylor

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“Sunset Calling” by Susan Ferraro is exquisite. And I love the story behind it.

Andrée Gross

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