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Bayeux Tapestry designs on sale this month!

Bayeux Tapestry, hooked by Barbara Kyle, Port Hope, Ontario

Happy August everyone!

William Kit, 18"x20" On sale for 20% off

This month you can save 20% on our Bayeux Tapestry designs, books and linen! Click here to see what's available!

What can I say about Deanna David’s new book Rag Rugs (a #1 New Release on Amazon)? If you’ve never visited her Youtube channel (Ribbon Candy Hooking), you should. Deanna is one of the most inspirational crafters around. She has a deep background in art history, and an understanding of design, color, balance, etc. that makes design understandable and relatable to everyone. But it’s her honest enthusiasm and boundless creativity that sticks with you and makes you want to stop what you’re doing and hook a rug.

But in this book, she doesn’t stop there. With color photos and artful illustrations, Deanna will teach you to use up your scraps of yarn and fabric to make 12 different types of rugs; hooked, punched, locker hooked, Amish Toothbrush rug, braided rugs (both laced and fancy multi-strand), Quillie rugs, penny rugs and so much more.

I only have one problem with the book… Which one to try first!

Happy Hooking everyone!

Judy Taylor

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