And the winner is...

And the winner is...

The winner of the 10K Loops Showcase 2021 is "Lisa's Lobster," designed and hooked by Susan Ferraro of Bailey Island, ME.

Second place went to "Heidi," designed and hooked by Ursula Ryle-Gulliver of East Mountain, NS.

And third place went to "My Ancestors," designed and hooked by Kay Lewis of Ottawa, ON. 

Congratulations to all who participated this year with your beautiful projects and inspirational stories! The books are expected to arrive on my doorstep on Tuesday (fingers crossed) and will go out right away to all of you. If you haven't yet ordered your copy, you can do so here.


Here's the latest creation, called Foxy, by Sharon Johnston of Calgary, AB.

She finally got to have her book signing at the Collector's Gallery of Art in Calgary. Delayed because of COVID, of course, but the turnout was good.

She sold two pieces and 12 books, and her work will continue to be displayed in the gallery. Next Saturday, Sharon and Elizabeth Herbert, who wrote the introduction to our book, will be giving a talk at the gallery. But if you can't get to Calgary anytime soon, don't worry, you can still view and purchase Sharon's artwork here.

And if you haven't seen our book, Breaking the Boundaries yet, you can order it here. The book is full of Sharon's inspirational work, as well as 5 easy projects for you to try out her signature techniques!

Housekeeping note: Some of you may have noticed when shopping through the linen patterns on Little House Rugs that the postage charged seemed high. I figured out why that happened. There are add-ons when you go to the order page, (like adding a Special Package or a kit to go with the pattern), so they charge postage for the largest package. 

Just know that I ALWAYS refund excess postage collected, and if you request another less expensive delivery option, I'm flexible about that. Rest assured, you will only pay the postage that it costs me to ship it to you!

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