10K Loops Showcase- Get Published, Win Prizes!

10K Loops Showcase- Get Published, Win Prizes!

It's time again to get ready for our 10K Loops Showcase, sponsored by Rug Hooking Daily. Throughout this post, you'll see some of the entries from years past.

What is the 10K Loops Showcase?

It's a small project... and a story. The project should be around 2 square feet (or roughly ten thousand loops, but who's counting?). It can be hooked, punched, embellished, pretty much anything you want. Write up a description of 300 words or so. Tell us why you made it, anything you learned while making it, help us to focus on the details.

Even though there are prizes, it's not really a competition. It's a great way to introduce yourself to the world, share your process, and make friends! Whether you've been hooking rugs since the dawn of time, or you just got started, every project has a story, and we love to read all about them!

Winners of the Showcase will be chosen by the membership of Rug Hooking Daily, a free, interactive, online rug hooking community with over ten thousand members from all over the world. You must be a member of Rug Hooking Daily to enter.

First Place: $150   Second Place: $90   Third Place: $60

And every entry will be included in our book. The entry fee is just $10. This year, the book will be an eBook, so we avoid the expensive postage costs. Every entrant will receive the eBook for free, for everyone else it will sell for .99!

The deadline to enter is May 31, 2022. Click here to sign up.

This month I put some of my smaller kits on sale, in case you need ideas for new Showcase projects. (And linen, too. Everybody needs linen!) They're just for starters, feel free to expand and personalize the designs to express your own unique approach! 

You may have noticed Little House Rugs got a makeover! As with all shiny new things, there are bound to be boo-boos and things we could do better. Your feedback, questions and suggestions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting!

Judy Taylor

PS. Here's a few more 10K Loops entries from years past. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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