Little House Rugs
Linen Backing
Why use linen backing? Because it's the best, most durable, most rot-resistant backing you can use. Rugs hooked on a linen backing will last for generations.

1/2 yard is 36"x26" and is sufficient to hook a rug 30"x20".


1 yard is 36"x56" and is sufficient to hook a rug 30"x48".


Ewenique is a blend of 65% Jacob wool and 35% Mohair and is strong and lustrous
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The Mushroom Rug Hook
Playing Hookey 
De-lovely Frame
Handspun Sampler: $9.00
Yarn sampler: 1/2 oz of yarn in three colors
Handspun Rug Hooking yarn can be any color, texture or weight you need
Rustic Rainbow is 100% wool, medium to bulky weight, and comes in a rainbow of muted colors
Jacob's Pride is 100% wool, medium to bulky, with a heathered look
The Playing Hookey De-lovely Frame is unique in that you don't have to bend your neck to look at your work. If you're like me, and you tend to spend many hours hooking, you will appreciate this great design. It is made from sturdy PVC pipe, and converts easily from a lap frame to a floor frame. It works perfectly for hooking with yarn, wool fabric strips and t-shirt strips. Even punch hooking (you will need the extra set of clamps)! It collapses down so you can carry it in a bag. The frame comes with long and short legs and one set of clamps. No nails to cut you or snag your rug. You can also add an extra set of clamps for top and bottom if you prefer, for a "tight as a drum" feeling.

Extra Clamps                               (set of two) $12
Rustic Rainbow Sampler: $7.50

Jacob's Pride Sampler: $7.50

Ewenique Sampler: $7.50

Of course, the best way to purchase yarn is in person. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, check out my show schedule. I always have yarn in stock in a variety of colors, but since I create my own, I am never limited to stock on hand.

If you have particular colors in mind, you can send me samples (fabric, paint chips from the hardware store, etc.) and I can make yarn in your colors and textures. I feature some yarns from my flock of sheep and goats, but I also purchase great yarns and dye them. And of course, I spin yarn, so the sky's the limit for the types of yarn I can produce. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, you can always send back any yarn that doesn't work for you.

The best way to familiarize yourself with yarns I carry is to order the samplers (see below). The samplers come with 1/2 ounce each in three colors. Enough for you to try hooking with them and see which you like the best.
Jacob Sheep and Angora Goats from our farm
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Rug Hooking Totebag

This recycled cotton totebag is perfect for carrying your rug, yarn and frame

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De-lovely Floor Frame (showing optional extra clamps on top and bottom)
De-lovely Lap Frame
Work area: 11"x23"   Lap frame: 18" tall
Floor frame: 38" tall
I know what you're thinking. "

That's the weirdest rug hook I've ever seen!"

It's also the most comfortable, ergonomic hook I've ever tried. 

The beauty of this little hook is that it allows me to push it into the backing with my palm, and since my fingers are naturally curled around it, effortlessly pull the yarn up. I don't have to strain my hand gripping the hook at any step in the process. 
The 2 mm hook glides easily through any backing, from burlap 
to linen to monks cloth.
Curious about hooking with T-shirts? Why not try the T-Shirt Strip Sampler? You'll get one ounce each of three colors, all cut and ready to hook!

T-Shirt Strip Sampler: $6.00