Creating Heirlooms
Ewenique Yarn

Ewenique is our own special brand of yarn, designed especially for Nantucket Rug Hooking.  We use our own Jacob wool and Mohair to create this versatile and durable yarn.  You will find it is very easy to hook with and is strong enough to hold up to heavy wear and tear.

It is naturally gray, but can overdye into a range of colors.  You can purchase colors, or get the natural and dye it yourself!

The color card to the left is just a suggestion of the range of colors possible with Ewenique, but there are so many ways to dye the yarn, it would be impossible to show them all.  I can mix dye colors, or dye yarn for a variegated effect.  

If you would like me to dye colors for you, just provide me with something that represents the color that you want (fabric strip, paint chip, construction paper, wall paper, etc.), and I will create the color that you need.

Of course, the very best way to shop for Ewenique Yarn is to visit me in person!  Since that is not possible for most internet shoppers, I offer a Ewenique Rug Hooking Yarn Sampler.  You will receive samples in three colors, 1/2 oz each for you to try.  (This sampler will hook an approximatley 6"x8" area).  Then if you like Ewenique and would like to order more, you can e-mail me and we'll get the design process started.  I will ask you to send me some color samples, such as fabric, paint chips, photographs, anything that represents the colors you are going for.  Then I will send you samples until you get the colors that you want.

The Ewenique Rug Hooking Yarn Sampler is an excellent way to gather yarn for your "hit or miss" projects!

Ewenique Rug Hooking Yarn Sampler:  $6.00

Handspun Rug Hooking and Knitting Yarn

I can also create handspun yarn for your projects.  You can specify the color, texture and durability/softness that is right for you.  Whether you are designing a special floor rug, or a soft, delicate scarf, you can incorporate handspun yarn in your project.  

As with Ewenique Yarn, the very best way to shop for my handspun yarn is to visit me in person!  Since that is not possible for most internet shoppers, I recommend a Handspun Yarn Sampler.  I will send you three samples, 1/2 oz. each, in either the Rug Hooking weight, or the Knitting and Weaving weight for you to try.  If you like the samples, and would like to order more handspun yarn, then you can e-mail me, and we'll get the design process started.  I would need to get some samples from you, such as fabric, paint chips, photographs, anything that represents the colors that you want.  Then I'll send you samples of the colors that I come up with.  

These samplers are also an excellent way to gather yarn for your "hit or miss" projects!

Handspun Rug Hooking Yarn                      Sampler:  $6.00

Handspun Knitting and Weaving                        Yarn Sampler:  $7.00

Handspun Rug Hooking Yarn:  $5.00/oz

Handspun Knitting and Weaving Yarn:  $6.00/oz
Just some of the beautiful colors you can make with Ewenique Rug Hooking Yarn!
I really like your rug yarn.  It's hard to find good all-wool rug yarns, but yours is really nice.  It's perfect for rug hooking since it's sturdy but not too harsh on hands.  YF
I received my yarn in the mail today and it is perfect-- more than enough!  Thank you so much, I am more than happy!  TF
I am sorry I don't know when I'll have another batch of Ewenique, but I do have the carded wool, so if you'd like handspun of the same wool, you can order that.  Also, I can hand-dye any color in other types of yarn as well.  Sorry for the inconvenience!
Hi Judy,
I bought some yarn from you at a craft fair in Seattle.  The yarn is handspun knitting yarn (Merino wool) in a beautiful eggplant color!  I just knitted it into a simple infinity scarf and hat.  It is so soft-- I've been wearing the scarf constantly during these last couple of cold months.  I have gotten so many compliments on it.  I just love it!!  It's the nicest feeling wool yarn I have ever worked with.  Fortunately, I bought several bundles of yarn as my friend wants a scarf from this as well!  I just want to say "thanks" as I am really, really enjoying this yarn.  Krista Luoto
I still enjoy hooking with fabric strips but my passion is hooking with yarn, especially Judy's yarn.  Judy's yarn feels so warm and pleasing between my fingers that I often lose track of time while hooking.  With Judy's tremendous selection of beautiful yarns and breathtaking colors I have no boundaries with my rug.
Nancy Forsman
Thank you-- what speedy service!  The skeins are perfect.  Now back to knitting...
Marcella R.
Rustic Rainbow 
Rug Hooking Yarn   $5.00/oz

Yarn from Little House Rugs for Rug Hooking, Knitting, Crochet and Felting
Rustic Rainbow is a sturdy 3-ply 100% wool yarn, perfect for rug hooking.  It is a light gray yarn naturally, so the colors come out richer than dyeing with white yarn.  Figure you will need 4 oz per square foot of hooked area.

The best way to shop for Rustic Rainbow is in person, of course, but if that is not possible, you might want to purchase the yarn sampler.  In it you will receive three colors, 1/2 oz each.  

If you want to order Rustic Rainbow (or any other yarns from Little House Rugs), you can request whatever colors you want.  If you have specific colors in mind, you can send me a sample (piece of fabric or yarn, or paint chips from the hardware store) that shows the color you have in mind, and I can dye your colors for you.
Rustic Rainbow Yarn Sampler  $6.00
Rustic Rainbow Rug Hooking Yarn