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Have you noticed how hard it is to find a book that teaches the art of hooking rugs with yarn?  My first book, "Hooking With Yarn" was published by Rug Hooking Magazine.  At the time of its release, it was the ONLY book on the market on hooking with yarn!  

That book sold out its first printing, after which used copies started to sell on amazon.com, some asking hundreds of dollars for one used copy.

Now "Joy of Hooking (With Yarn!)" is available, and it is much bigger and better than my first book.  It is twice as long, with over 300 illustrations.  The cover price includes our instructional DVD, which won the Gold Award for Excellence, Intl. Television and Video Artists awards, 1996.  

The book also includes 4 full-size patterns so you can easily hook the projects in the book.  As an added bonus, I've included the instructions for building your own Playing Hookey frame out of PVC pipe.

The book features the work of yarn-hookers from all over North America, so many styles, colors, and designs, to inspire you to create your own.

Judge's Commentary, Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

The author gives a thorough, easy to understand look at a lesser known fiber art.  The author's skill and passion for the subject is clear and draws readers in.  While the book is mostly how-to oriented, it also covers history and craft supply issue, adding depth to the content.  The wide range of sample rugs allows readers to see all the possible projects they could tackle; most of the samples have a slightly old-fashioned feel, but readers could easily adapt the skills to more cutting edge fashion patterns.  The author's insider tips and experience make this book so much more value than basic how-to books or internet instructions.  While the book mostly focuses on rugs and flat projects, it also shows how to make three-dimensional pieces like stuffed animals.  The DVD is a great help for those new to this art form who like to learn in a way that is both visual and auditory; the DVD captures the quaint feel of this art.  The included pattern is a great gift to beginners as well.

Judy's book serves as the perfect introduction to this wonderful, relaxing craft, and I found it to be an excellent refresher course as well. Written in a friendly and conversational style, incorporating easy to understand directions, and packed with beautiful, inspiring photographs of so many creative rugs, this book deserves a place of honor in any rug-hooker's library. Judy's enthusiasm for this craft is truly contagious: the moment I finished her book, all I wanted to do was grab one of the included patterns and get busy hooking!     Cherie L.

This book is a good one for anyone interested in hooking with yarn. It's full of easy, yet interesting text, pictures, and projects for anyone who wants to learn how to hook or wants to further their skills. Judy Taylor is a bright and talented person who knows all aspects of hooking very well. She explains every aspect of this craft well, and she is a very creative artist with many of her own rugs in the book. She is the reason I have to learned to hook with yarn, and I love it. This book is a must-have for any rug hooker's shelf!  Kerry M.

This is a very well-planned book with easy-to-follow directions, clear explanatory photographs, and a logical progression for hooking with yarn. The images of finished pieces are accurate reproductions and show an interesting variety of styles, subjects and ideas. I would recommend this book to seasoned rug-hookers as well as beginning rug-hookers because I continue to turn to it for answers and inspiration.  Terri S.

Judy Taylor's book, Joy of Hooking (With Yarn) is a fantastic how-to book with encouraging and very understandable instructions and a huge collection of pictures that are, quite simply, a joy to behold. She includes a wide variety of artists, including her own exceptional work. It is the kind of book that we go back to time and time again. It has an old world feel about it, but the work is updated to fit our times now as well. Kudos to Judy for presenting us with this true gift of a book!   Teresa O.
Joy of Hooking (With Yarn!)  $44.95
Sale price-- $39.95
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Winner of the eLit Book Awards Gold Medal 2011!
Rug Hooking Book Series
Rug Hooker's Guide to the YARNIVERSE!  $29.95
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Joy of Hooking (With Yarn!) and Rug Hooker's Guide to the YARNIVERSE!
The long awaited follow-up to Joy of Hooking (With Yarn!), this book teaches you how to add advanced yarn-hooking techniques to your repertoire.  You will learn how to add fine detail and shading to your projects, using dip-dyeing, progressive dyeing, overdyeing and blending of handspun yarn.  The book features dozens of templates for creating projects that allow you to practice your new found skills.  With the help of featured artists, who share their process, you will develop the confidence to create your own masterpiece.  
Book includes our award-winning DVD!

Gold Medal Winner, ITVA Awards, 1995

You can also watch it now on you-tube!
The long awaited sequel to "Hooking With Yarn" features some 200 yarn-hooked rugs from artists all over North America.  Also included is our award-winning DVD and 4 full-size patterns.

"Easier than hooking with fabric strips and a lot more fun too!"
K. MacPhail, WA

"Beyond terrific, informative, easy to understand, clear and precise."
V. Ellenwood, FL

"I just ordered your book.  The book and the DVD are awesome!"
J. Rains, OK

"Thank you so much for the new book.  I've never received such service before.  I am delighted with the book, and with your kindness.

Each year at the sheep and fiber shows I attend, I see rug hooker and author Judy Taylor busy in her booth working on yet another amazing creation.  Judy hooks her beautiful designs with wool.  If you stop to chat with her, she will convince you that you, too, can accomplish making rugs by letting her books and video guide you.
Previously, Judy published Hooking With Yarn, followed by Joy of Hooking (With Yarn!), which won the eLit Book Awards Gold Medal in 2011.  Additionally, her instructional video won the International Television and Video Artists Gold Medal for Excellence in 1997.  Go to Judy’s web page, www.littlehouserugs.com to see more of her work.
Her latest book, Rug Hooker’s Guide to the YARNIVERSE! proves she has inspired many others to enjoy this craft.  Judy invited at least eleven other yarn-hooking experts to share their creative process with photos of their rugs intermixed with her ideas and instruction.  I enjoyed reading everyone’s process as well as Judy’s instructions for repair and refinishing of old rugs.
Dyeing yarn is another topic covered and includes specific instructions for a solid color, for dip dyeing which helps achieve realistic shading and for progressive dyeing, another way to get shading but involves leaving three skeins in the dyebath for varying lengths of time.  Judy’s dyeing techniques bring her complex designs to life.  The book includes several small projects with templates for the reader to try the different dye and hook techniques presented.  There is a chapter on basic rug hooking instructions but the author labels them “abbreviated” and suggests that more detailed instructions can be found in Joy of Hooking (With Yarn!).
Peggy Lundquist, Black Sheep Newsletter, Fall 2013

This fun, colorful book-- a follow-up to the author's previous title, Joy of Hooking (With Yarn!)-- presents techniques for hooking with yarn that go beyond the basics; various methods of dyeing yarn, using handspun and natural yarns, getting fine detail and more.  Six projects, with full-size patterns and detailed instructions and tips, give readers a chance to try out the techniques they've learned.  The book includes a refresher on basic rug hooking techniques, and 11 featured artist sections that look at the work of rug hookers from across Canada (and the U.S.), with even more examples and creative ideas for using yarn in hooked rugs.
Rug Hooking Magazine Jan/Feb 2014
Winner of the eLit Book Awards Gold Medal 2014!
Judge's Commentary, Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Anyone interested in rug hooking with yarn will likely find this book a treasure trove of how-to information on dyeing and design techniques including realistic shading and creating portraits.  The practical and easy-to-follow instructions, well detailed and buttressed by a series of descriptive pictures, can aid the reader to develop this skill and hobby.  The oversized paperback is filled with many colorful and striking examples of rugs which show many different designs.  One can learn about yarns and fabrics, the choice of colors, equipment, treatment including the whipping process, framing, understanding the basics of perspective, and other key factors that go into finishing a project.  In addition to the author's own material there are extensive contributions from other yarn-hooking experts.  Primitive rug hooking is one key section.  Chapters also cover over-dyeing, dip-dyeing, and progressive dyeing techniques.  The repair and refinishing of old rugs is a very useful chapter.  The writing is highly personal and revealing in depicting the background of different experts, how they started with rug hooking, and how they began and finished individual projects.  There's also an abundance of fascinating tidbits about the history of rug hooking.  The cover is clever and inventive, especially with using "Yarniverse" in the title, and it's bound to attract attention.