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Easy Beginner Kits

Four Leaf Kit
Celtic Pillow Large
Celtic Pillow Small
Welcome Flag
Welcome Sheep
Sheep Whimsy
Welcome Kit
Traditional Kit (yarn and fabric strips)
Quilt Runner
Peace Angel
Primitive Flower Kit
Primitive Bunny Kit
Sheep Ornaments Kit
Celtic Table Runner
Stuffed Sheep
Kool Kitty
Teddy Bears
Victorian Santa
Too Crewel Kit
Dutch Treat Kit
Rooster Mat
Stash Sheep

Custom Kits and Finished Rugs

Photo Gallery--Primitive Designs
Sweet Home
Primitive Flower
Primitive Bunny
Aztec Calender Rug
Lovebirds Rug
Jacob Farm Rug
Rooster Rug
Welcome Friend Rug
Teapot Rug
Night Nursing/Shakespeare Sheep Rug
Counting Sheep Rug
Wildflower Rug
Welcome Home Rug
Bayeux Tapestry
Cozy Rose
Welcome Home
Welcome Friend
Primitive Flower
Counting Sheep
Whale Rug
Magic Carpet
Turkish Delight
Forlorn Hope
Birds of a Feather
Tulip Hex Runner
Rooster Mat

Photo Gallery-- Geometric Designs 
Block Party
Log Cabin Rug
Penny Rug
Hearts Rug
Stars Rug
Pinwheel Rug
Diamonds & Squares Rug
Crown of Thorns Rug
Stained Glass Rug
Bilbo Rug
Waste Not Want Not
Box 'O Crayons
Good Dog
Dresden Plate
So Much Yarn

Photo Gallery--Floral Designs
Bird of Paradise Rug
Antique Flower Rug
Roses & Diamonds Rug
Hummingbird Rug
Rose Rug
Bilbo Rug
Hawaiian Quilt Runner
Tree of Life/Green Man

Photo Gallery-- Celtic Designs
Celtic Dogs Rug
Irish Blessing Rug
Celtic Knot Rug
Love Knot Rug
Blessed Rug
Celtic Cross
Celtic Table Runner
Celtic Pillow Kit
Large Celtic Pillow

Photo Gallery-- Other Fun Stuff
Rabbit Rug
Ladies Hat
Celtic Cross
Welcome Sheep
Le Chat Noir
Good Morning My Beauty
Dancing Goats Toybox
Welcome Flag
Rocking Horse
Teddy Bears
Jointed Teddy Bear
Kool Kitty
Stuffed Sheep
Hobby Horses
Welcome Mat
Peace Angel
Telephone Chairpad

Featured Rug of the Month Archive
Featured Rugs 2005
Featured Rugs 2006
Featured Rugs 2007
Featured Rugs 2008
Featured Rugs 2009
Featured Rugs 2010
Featured Rugs 2011
Featured Rugs 2012
Featured Rugs 2013
Featured Rugs 2014
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Featured Rug January 2005  Teapot Rug
February 2005  Serendipity Rug
March 2005  Crown of Thorns
April 2005  Antique Flower Rug
May 2005  Jacob Farm Rug
June 2005  Traveling Rugs
August 2005  Antique rug w/yarn & fabric strips, ca 1800's
September 2005  Grandma Guier's Rug
October 2005  Teddy Bears
November 2005  Wildflower Rug
December 2005  Rooster Rug Sunrise Parade
January 2006  Goat Petroglyph Rug
February 2006  Patchwork Rug
March 2006  Heidi Pillow
April 2006  Nick's Dream
May 2006  Rug Repair-- before and after
June 2006  Night Nursing
July 2006  Mermaid Pillows
August 2006  Celtic Crosses
October 2006  Raven & Pumpkins Rug
November 2006  Stars Rug
December 2006  Bilbo Rug
January 2007  Folklife Rug
February 2007  Pug Rug
March 2007  Welcome Sheep
April 2007  Andrea Rheinlander designs
May 2007  Ducks In Water
June 2007  Farm sign by Susie Wilson
August 2007  Country Memories by LenZie
September 2007  Primitive Flowers
October 2007  Rooster Rug
November 2007 Hooking on Wood
December 2007 Primitive Flower Chairpad
January 2008 Good Morning My Beauty
February 2008 Le Chat Noir
March 2008 Celtic Knot Rug
April 2008 Miniatures
May 2008 Antique Sleigh Rug
June 2008  Flower Pots
July 2008  Pasha, Jezebel and Penny
September 2008  Sheep In Pasture
October 2008  Stained Glass Rug
November 2008  Sweet Home
December 2008  Love Knot
January 2009  Bayeux Tapestry
February 2009  Sweaterfelt Rug
March 2009  1930's era rug
April 2009 Coneflower trivets
May 2009 Floral rug
June 2009 Strawberries
July 2008 Hopes and Dreams
August 2009 Trumpet Vines at the Backdoor
September 2009 Bird of Paradise
October 2009 Noah's Ark
November 2009 Persian Rug
December 2009  Victorian Santa
January 2010 Braided Rugs
February 2010 Pot Luck Penny Pillows
March 2010 Hooked Dollies
April 2010 Hawaiian Quilt Runner
May 2010 Aztec Calender Rug
June 2010 Antique Flower Rug
July 2010 Antique Persian Rug
August 2010  Waste Not Want Not
October 2010 Ladies Hat
November 2010  Aganu-Te
December 2010 Stained Glass Rug
January 2011  Irish Blessing Rug
February 2011 Hearts and Roses
March 2011 Hit or Miss
April 2011 Autumn Walk
May 2011 Proddy Rug
July 2011 Box 'O Crayons
August 2011 Crown of Thorns
September 2011 Cozy Rose
October 2011 Vase and Flowers
November 2011 Haleema
December 2011 Flower Rug
January 2012 Mort and Woody
February 2012 Wildflower Rug
March 2012 Cats Wallhanging
April 2012 Good Dog
May 2012 Celtic Dogs Rug
June 2012 Leaf Rug Repair
July 2012 Persia
August 2012 Teapot Rug
September 2012 Jasper
October 2012 Lovebirds Rug
November 2012  Rabbit Rug
December 2012  Old Days
January 2013  Lenore
February 2013  Color Wheel
March 2013  The Great Easter Egg Hunt
April 2013  Turkish Delight
May 2013  Love of My Heart
June 2013  Forlorn Hope
July 2013  Cascabel
August 2013  Etch-a-Sketch
September 2013  Serendipity
October 2013  Brementown
January 2014 Charlie
February 2014  Birds of a Feather
March 2014  Tulip Hex Runner
April 2014  Hooking through the generations
May 2014  Ninja Rug
June 2014  Welcome Home Rug
July 2014  Embellished Rugs
August 2014  Leftovers
September 2014  Unfinished Business
October 2014  Counting Sheep
November 2014  Dresden Plate
January 2015  Mischief
February 2015  Velkommen
March 2015  Blessed Rug
April 2015  Crown of Thorns
May 2015  Spring Makeover
June 2015  Celtic Knot
July 2015  Care of Old Rugs
August 2015 Squirrel on a Stump
September 2015  Demelza
October 2015  Avalon
December 2015  Pinwheel Rug
January 2016  Telephone Chairpad
February 2016  Three Kings
March 2016  Dolls
April 2016  Stash Sheep
May 2016 So Much Yarn
June 2016 Fitzgerald Rugs
July 2016 Tree of Life/Green Man
August 2016 Maggie Mae
September 2016 Heidi Wulfraat Rugs
November 2016 Stars Rug
December 2016 Debbie Radtke's Mom
January 2017 Edeldal Farm Rug
February 2017  Stars Over Blomidon
March 2017 Whale Rug
April 2017 Lady and the Unicorn
May 2017 PEI Morning
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