Creating Heirlooms
Oh, I can hardly wait to receive this.  Please feel free to include any tips and samples of the yarn.  This will be new to me.  I was searching the internet and stumbled upon your site.  Oh Lucky Me!!!!!!!
Thank you, BJ Free
Hello Judy:
I received the Jacob Sheep Rug, and its everything I thought it would be and more!  You did a beautiful job hooking it.  I'm so glad I asked you to do it, I wouldn't have been able to do such a wonderful job.  The colors of the yarn you dyed were exactly what I asked for.  I can't tell you how nice it is to buy a kit and have it turn out exactly how you presented it to be.  Thank you so very much, it was an absolute pleasure to do business with you and I will treasure my work of art.
Marie Ciaffa
I purchased the Penny Rug from you last weekend and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it.  I have it next to my bed!  I swear it brings on sweet dreams.  

Thank you.  Hope to see you at future shows.
Michelle Howell
Bless you Judy Taylor!  You're amazing.  This is a whole new level of hooking for me and I'm so excited!  I'll take all of your advice & let you know how it goes-- I'm sure I will love the colors you'll send and really appreciate all the skill and time you put into hand-dyeing them.  Wow, it sounds amazing.  Thank you so very much.  I will send business your way, to be sure, and be a repeat customer.  I'm going to be spoiled after using hand-dyed yarns-- I've only hooked from a few kits of one-color yarns and will really appreciate the difference.  I can't wait to get started.
Dear Judy:
I am a techer with the Rug Hooking Guild of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Many of our members hook in the traditional style with various mediums.  I have taught several yarn classes in the past few years and am happy to say that yarn is becoming a "happy medium."  Your book, "Hooking With Yarn" has been an inspiration.  It accompanies me to workshops and is used as reference material.  Thank you so much.  This is my first visit to your wonderful website but I'm sure not the last.

Note:  Grenfell style hooking of Northern Newfoundland is now making a comeback but most of the hookers are doing the patterns in fine yarn instead of silk stockings.  Interesting!
Venissa Fancy
Judy, I love the colors!  They will fit in my colors at home.
Funny story, I did not know you could hook rugs with yarn... I have only hooked with fabric.  I was perplexed at first but now that I am doing it I almost prefer it.  I can do it in my living room and not make a huge mess from the fabric shreds.  
Anyway, I love the kit and hooking with yarn!
Diana Smith
I received the rug kit, and it is LOVELY!  I really like your rug yarn.  I'm a spinner and a weaver too, and one of my favorite projects in both is rugs.  It's hard to find good all-wool rug yarns but yours is really nice.  It's perfect for rug hooking since it's sturdy but not too harsh on hands.  Thank you very much, and please keep the great patterns coming!
I'm a northern girl that got hooked on "hooking rugs" two years ago and this winter started hooking with yarn.  I've done a couple of wallhangings with a combination of wool strips and yarn, loved the effect and now I am hooking a large project with yarn only.
Lise Page
I began reading your book after contacting you-- it is excellent.  The entire contents are thorough, clear and concise.
Cyndi Sorenson
I picked up the rug on Saturday, and it's so very beautiful.  I was seeing my friends on Sunday, and I was too excited, so I brought it to them right away.  They pronounced themselves "gob-smacked" and "speechless."  The colors are perfect in their space.  I confess, when I spread out the rug on my living room floor, I almost kept it.  They would never have to know!
Susan Rooney
Dear Judy:
I love the colors for the penny rug.  I can't believe you took the time to overdye them... what customer service!  Your book is great... excellent information.  I am anxious to get started.
Terry Fatout
Until I read Judy Taylor's book, Hooking With Yarn, I believed if you hooked a rug with yarn rather than wool fabric you would have to choose a simple rug design and your choices of colors would be limited.  Judy's book showed me I was mistaken on my preconcieved notion on using yarn to hook a rug.  Judy has introduced me to a whole new world of rug hooking.  I still enjoy hooking with wool fabric but my passion is hooking with yarn, especially Judy's yarn.  Judy's yarn feels so warm and pleasing between my fingers that I often lose track of time while hooking.  With Judy's tremendous selection of beautiful yarns and breathtaking colors I have no boundaries with my rug.  If it wasn't for Judy's willingness to share her rug hooking knowledge and her beautiful yarns I know that my rug (in memory of our dog Nick) would still be just an idea bouncing around in my head.  
Nancy Forsman
I received my hooked mat in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  Not only I but everyone else who sees it loves it.  It fits right in with my primitive decor.  I really like the colors you used.  Thanks so very much again.
Sharon Rees
I am truly enjoying your book.  I recently started spinning and dyeing and I'm planning out my first rug now.  Thanks for such clear instructions and inspiring projects!
Mary Cohen
You have the most beautifully designed rugs, with all colors exquisitely coordinated.  It's a feast for the eyes!  I visited numerous other rug hooking websites but when it came time to purchase a pattern, there was no question-- it had to be Little House Rugs!  You have been so kind and helpful that I'm sure I will be doing more business with you.  

By the way, I explained the craft to my mom, who is 88 years old, and she was impressed to learn you process the wool into yarn and then dye it yourself.  She said women used to spin yarn when she was young and she thought it was a lost art today.  Mom was glad to know it's being kept alive.  I can't wait to get my pattern.  I'm so excited!
Tammie Thompson
All the best with your new book project.  We yarn hookers have a lot going for us and the medium is not getting nearly the attention it deserves.  Good for you.
Ann Woodall
Hi Judy, Just received your note with color card and the samples.  To say they are just gorgeous is an understatement!!! Thank you!  This weight yarn will work perfectly in my smaller punch needle.  The thicker yarns you mentioned I will be using in my regular needles.  Looking forward to seeing next color batch and look forward to ordering from you.  Vickye
Hi, I was surfing the web for celtic or Irish rugs.  I love your rug designs.  They are gorgeous.  Thanks for producing such beautiful works of art.  They are very inspiring.  I'm a new rug hooker.  When I get some experience under my hook, I would like to hook one of your celtic knot rugs.  Just wanted to tell you I admire your work & wish I lived on the left coast so I could visit your studio.  Keep on Hooking.         Patricia
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