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Introducing the newest innovation in rug hooking frames, 
Playing Hookey Deluxe!*
*patent pending

Rug Hooking Frames

The rug can be easily moved around, so there is no limit on size, even a room-sized rug can be hooked on this frame. The Playing Hookey Original frame is lightweight (the whole kit and kaboodle weighs only 2 lb. 10 oz!), yet since its made from pvc pipe, it is strong and durable.

I also use this frame when hooking with fabric strips and for quilting/embroidery.

If you hook with fabric strips, you may want to add clamps on the top and bottom, so you can order an extra set of clamps. 

Playing Hookey Original Frame: $65.00

Extra clamps (optional): $12.00

Playing Hookey Original 
lap frame
Playing Hookey Original 
floor frame
Note:  Shipping costs can get pricey, since the frame ships in a large box, so you might want to think about making one yourself.

You can find the instructions for making the Playing Hookey Original frame in my book, Joy of Hooking (With Yarn!), or check out my blog at https://judytaylor2013.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/how-to-make-your-own-spiffy-rug-hooking-frame/
Playing Hookey Original Frame
Recycled Cotton Tote Bag

The Deluxe has a padded "wrist rest" in the middle, for added comfort.

Playing Hookey Deluxe Frame: $80.00
from left to right:
Playing Hookey Original frame in tote bag*, standing frame, lap frame
*tote bag purchased separately
This frame easily converts from a free-standing floor frame to a comfy lap frame. The side clamps are large enough to firmly grip your rug, but not so tight as to squish your loops. And best of all, there are no nails to jab you or snag your rug!

Being a Nantucket Rug Hooker (I usually hook with yarn), I developed this frame to do what I need it to do (leave both hands free) yet the rug is held off my lap so I can freely change position while hooking. It also prevents me from getting too hot hooking on a sizzling summer day! 
Notice how I don't have to bend my neck with the Playing Hookey Deluxe Frame? This unique design allows me to hook for hours with no neck fatigue or stiffness. Just like the Playing Hookey Original Frame, the Deluxe converts easily from a lap frame to a floor frame. It works perfectly, whether I am hooking with yarn or fabric strips, and it collapses down so it is easy to throw in a bag and go. I can shift my position, lean back, cross my legs or put them up on a footstool. This is by far the best frame I have ever used, and I know you'll like it too!
Frame Dimensions
Frame Dimensions