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Featured Rug of the Month                  December 2018
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I encountered my first rag rug in 2001. I was fascinated and decided to do some research, only to discover that the rag rug had a long history. As a craft, they originated in the midlands of England where the textile mills produced waste from their factories, and this waste material was turned into rugs for cold floors (and beds!). Proddy rugs have many names - proggy, clippy, strippy, and shaggy, just to name a few. 

Rag rugs usually follow the tradition of ‘use what is readily available’. In Australia, we tend to use T shirts and knit fabric for that reason. It is readily available, comes in many colours, doesn’t fray and has plenty of ‘bounce’. Fabric cut on the straight of the grain (ie. hem to shoulder) will stay flat. Cut on the stretch (ie. side to side) will curl, adding a different texture to the rug. 

Proddy rugs are soft and luxurious underfoot. They are simple and impressionistic in design, but fun to make. I like making proddy rugs because they contain some of my favourite clothes (and those of my friends!). We are becoming very conscious about caring for our planet and the waste that we produce. Making rag rugs helps to repurpose the masses of clothing that will otherwise end its life in landfill. Of course there are other projects to try, using the same method. They can be wreaths, candle holders, angels, chiffon flowers ……. 

Here are the instructions for making a Christmas tree. Enjoy!
Proddy Rugs by Judith Stephens, South Australia

Heartwarming, 23"x23" Designed and prodded by Judith Stephens
Waterlillies, 17"x32" Designed and prodded by Judith Stephens
Peony Pinks, 16"x60" Designed and prodded by Judith Stephens
12” square of foundation fabric (burlap or linen)
Fabric strips 3”x 5/8”
Proddy/Proggy stick (various shown right)
Polyester filling

1. Prod the fabric strips into the foundation fabric using the method shown, working from the back

2. Fill the area as shown in the diagram.

3. Add some ‘glitzy’ fabric or ribbon to show garlands or ornaments. 

4. Cut away the excess foundation fabric leaving at least 1” around the worked area. 

5. Fold the worked fabric into a cone shape and sew up the straight side using strong thread. Turn excess fabric inside the cone. 

6. Fill with polyester filling, and admire!

Back of fabric

(left) Christmas Tree, approx. 9"x5"  Designed and prodded by Judith Stephens
Front of fabric
​-------------------------------------------- 9 inches ---------------------------------------------