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Featured Rug of the Month                  August 2019
Featured Artist Michelle Carey
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                            The Wave, 20"x30" Designed and hooked by Michelle Carey

After decades of being a maker including other textile arts‎, last summer the urge to hook suddenly happened. So I picked up some burlap and a hook, browsed some hooking books and came across one of Deanne Fitzpatrick's books. I really liked the lines of one of the rugs in the book so started sketching similar lines on the burlap.

Now, I am the kind of person who jumps in feet first so figured why shouldn't my first rug be 20 x 30"! As a weaver I have a great wool yarn stash and did not want to invest in a cutter unless I was going to go all out and just hook. I am delighted to say that after watching Judy's video on youtube for technique, the worsted weight wool yarn gives‎ a wonderful finished surface - especially after steaming. I used Briggs & Little and MacAuslands worsted weight wool yarn (all from Atlantic Canada which is where I live) for the hooking and the whipped edge.

I learned so much doing this rug and when I look closely‎, I can see the earlier section vs the improved areas. Overall am very pleased with the finished piece. Because of this new obsession, I have met new friends.... hookers really like to work together! This rug now resides in our cottage which is filled with things made by me:-)

Michelle Carey, Nova Scotia, Canada