Creating Heirlooms
Custom Rug Hooking
Custom Rug Hooking

We start with color samples, like the example above.  Here I used the drapery fabric to match the colors for this custom rug.  You can also start with paint chips (from the hardware store), fabric, yarn, basically anything that represents the color you want.  

Then I'll go to the dyepot to create yarn in the colors you have chosen.  You will be able to approve these colors before the hooking process begins.

The design:  Whether you begin with one of the rugs on this website, or you want something created completely from scratch, you will have total approval of the design.

The rug that we will create together will be a unique treasure, that will last for generations.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions!  Thank you for visiting!
Buster photo and Buster Rug
Custom Rug designed and hooked by Judy Taylor
Wallpaper sample and Wallpaper Rug
Custom Rug designed and hooked by Judy Taylor (note: the photo came out too dark!)
Flag rug notes and 
Custom Designed Flag Rug

Tess photo and Custom
designed Tess Rug
Unfinished antique hooked rug

Finished version!
Aztec Calendar Rug
Custom Pug Rug
Mort and Woody Rug
The Great Easter Egg Hunt
Lady Teasle
Price List